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sober house

(noun) /ˈsoʊ.bɚ ˌhaʊs/

a house where people who have completed treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can live and get support so they do not start drinking or taking drugs again.

Why Legacy Sober Living Homes

Legacy Sober Living Homes aren’t your typical recovery home. Our recovery coaching approach is centered around creating an actual plan for residents to help them continue on a healthy path. All residents will work with coaches and be held accountable to their journey on a weekly basis at no additional cost. The policies and protocols across all of our houses are standardized so clients can rest assured they are getting high-quality amenities and services no matter which location they chose.



Select a house near you and schedule a time to meet with our intake team

Meet with a recovery coach in person by phone or virtually to learn about the house and create a recovery plan

Set a date to move-in for those who qualify

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