Meet the Team

Gerald Lott – Executive Director

Gerald Lott is a person in Long-Term Recovery and Founder/Executive Director of Sauk Valley Voices of Recovery, a recovery community organization. After a long list of careers in music and nightclubs, sales and marketing, Gerald found his calling in helping others find recovery. Gerald is a national thought leader in the field of recovery.

He is a Shatterproof Ambassador, speaks on the subject across the country and is the spearhead behind a multi-state sober living company. Gerald sits on several addiction related advisory boards and is currently penning a book on the strategy of recovery via “affinity grouping”.

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Cassandra Smiley – Recovery Coach/IL House Director

Cassandra L. Smiley is a Recovery Coach Specialist for Sauk Valley Voices of Recovery and House Director for the Illinois Dixon Men’s Legacy House.

Cassandra has a great passion for helping others and making a difference in the world. She is a very strong-willed person who takes great pride within her 3 beautiful children and home life. Cassandra has been blessed with a gift of empathy and compassion within her combination of wisdom, life experience, and studies with ongoing education. She is devoted to fighting for the rights of people with substance use disorders and combatting the devastating stigma that surrounds  addiction. As a Recovery Coach, Cassandra works with individuals to help in many areas of need to make sure goals are met that result in a successful recovery that adds to their everyday quality of life.

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